Writing the Future

Write the Future Nike Shirt I gave him on his 31st Birthday - without realizing it will mark our writing the future together.

Write the Future Nike Shirt I gave him on his 31st Birthday – without realizing it will mark our writing the future together.

Every little girl dreams of finding her one true love when she grows up. A woman dreams of finding her perfect partner.

Somebody you can describe, and say “He is everything.”

He can make you laugh and cry at the same time. He will make your heart beat faster and slower at the same second-minute turn of the clock. He can make you blush still even if that is the nth time to the infinite power that he said that – that you are amazing and beautiful. He knows how to say it and to make it sound like it was the first time all over again.

He tells you that you are love, that you are his heart. His soul. The thoughts that are in his mind consistently all day. He reminds you always that you make him feel special, and you know that he is special, but he doesn’t know that. He is handsome and good-looking, but still he will ask you if he gained weight and that he wants to look good always for you. And blood rush through your face again.

He tells you that you make him love Love so much. You make him love you so much. And in the process him loving himself more.

Again, he is life.

He respects you. He teaches you how to fight life and to value your friends. And that to value friendship means respecting yourself as person.

He will catch your flaws and still see you as the respected woman he met and fell in love with 3 to 4 months ago. He just loves you. And you realize you don’t want to let go.

He is this person who will make you realize that there is a future out there for you to write. That a happily-ever-after is possible after all – even for almost losers like you (which he doesn’t want you to call yourself by the way and will ask you to stop!). He is this person who tells you that he wants to have a happy life with you just as you are thinking the same things yourself. That finally, after all these years, you want to have a family of your own despite seeing and witnessing the rotten one you were a product of.

I know for some I am writing bullshit here, or something that is so obviously driven out from a love story or a Daniel Steel pocketbook. I might be reprimanded through comments and suggestions that I am setting fire to Facebook again.

I wouldn’t care less.

I am happy to say that this – him – he is the man who I love. And I am proud to be standing right next to him. For all eternity. As he is proud to be with me. For shouting my name to the world that I am the woman love chose for him to love.

As he is mine.

Again, he is the missing piece of my puzzle. The sweet drug that poisons my body. The other half of my soul.

He is Armand.

And we both write the future.

Monday, April 25, 2011


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