7 months!

imageMy Zoë is 7 months today. How time just went by really fast, I am not sure. I know that she is growing, is understanding details every day, has her hair growing really long, now moves a lot, is trying desperately everytime to raise her body when we place her on her back, moves her hands and her feet wildly, slaps our faces, pulls on her Papa’s and Opa’s noses, her Oma’s eyeglasses, and her Mama’s hair and earrings.

But something did not change: the twinkle in her eyes everytime she sees me enter her room.

My baby.

Being a mother is a very heavy profession. But all is well, and your day’s tiredness just go down the drain when at the end of day after your baby’s last bottle of milk and she lays there sleeping in your arms peacefully… sigh… is the greatest sight of all.

Yes. I am inlove with my child.

She is my life.

Happy 7 month old Zoë. You are our greatest blessing.


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