December 1st

imageDecember 1 found me at work, typing my way to boredom and feeling totally like hell. We are inside the office but the cold is really giving way to everything. When I was small, I had always anticipated the arriving of December – where the air smells fresher, the songs merrier, the people lovelier, and Christmas is just around the corner.

Now I am in far away The Netherlands happily living with a family I can readily and immediately call my own.

But having grew up in a tropical country, the cold, the gray skies, and the biting frost of winter would sometimes leave me depress. 😦

When I was a little child, I had always asked how come people in cartoonsare dressed up fully clothed, and why do houses have chimneys?!? And why are the houses made of bricks and are mostly squared? And why do they have amazing rolling mountains?? These, and more, I asked myself silently (as I had nobody to ask especially after my parents separated).

We also have rolling mountains in the Philippines, but most of those I saw were filled with Coconut Trees! And there are no Coconut Trees in the cartoon’s rolling mountains!

Then I slowly found my way to books. And man, when I started reading about London that I saw that they have chimneys, and squared houses, and fully dressed women! So, in my little mind I thought ”I would one day go to London and experienced these same things!”

Then I grew up.

I started seeing the world as it is.

Then I turned 30 years old and unexpectedly met this Dutch man.

And now I am here.

And all of Europe’s glory.

But yes, I still miss the Philippines: its sticky warm, smoldering hotness; and the coconut trees!


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