The Want to Write

26/11/2012 Monday ** I wrote this on Monday, the 26th of November, when the idea of creating a blog started inching it’s way into my brain**

I was browsing into the internet this cold, lazy Monday morning looking at other people’s blogs, and their passion for writing and literature and emotions came pouring in. At times when you know that the reality you are living in now is being a Mom and a working woman, you tend to forget (or let us say ‘ignore’) the things that makes you ‘you.’

I found out that I love writing when I was forced to join a writing contest in High School. I was just a good student per se, and I knew back then that I had always been good in English (duh!!). I won the contest, and I was walking on Cloud 9 or 7th Heaven while walking my way down the aisle towards the stage. My world went into a slow motion. I could not believe that I won, that I was able to win against all the other schools with reputations when it comes to contests.

Now I am here, fighting over what to do with my blog. I want to start one that makes sense. I want to write about my passions. I want to write about my baby. I want to write about my family.

Now, what, when and how to start. I am not sure.

My mind is clattered, I guess. But I have to start somewhere.

I guess I am starting.

26/11/2012 Monday


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