The 3D Echo and the Nose

3D ultrasound

3D ultrasound

I was somewhere in between my 32nd and 33rd week of pregnancy when we went to the hospital to see our unborn baby in 3D ultrasound. We were all so excited to be able to see the shape of our baby for the first time.

The midwife rubbed gel all around my bulging and swelling belly and started poking me here and there with the “camera” trying to find the perfect angle so we will be able to see our baby’s face.

Then suddenly, there she was.

And the Filipina that I am, I concentrated on her nose.

Me: “Sweety? Is that her nose?”
Armand: “Yes.”
Me: “Whose nose did she get? I really hope it’s yours.”
Armand: “Don’t worry baby, she doesn’t have your nose..” then he started to giggle and added, “Stop that nonsense, yeah?”
Me: (joking) “Oh yes, if she has my nose then we will not see it clearly!
Midwife: “Yeah…”

Ouch!! And if looks could kill, the midwife was dead.
(Ate naman eh, sasabat pa kasi!)


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