The Big Monster Fish


I was missing my Grandma’s Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu ( a kind of fish in the Philippines) dish so much that I decided to try and prepare one of my own – regardless the outcome. I was still only on my first couple of months in the Netherlands when I decided to cook it. Off I went to the Friday Market in the Old Town (or the City Center) to get the main ingredient: the big reddish fish! (They didn’t have Lapu-Lapu).

I started preparing it with all my love as I wanted it to be a surprise for Armand. I took out the largest pyrex that we have so as to make sure that I will not be cutting the fish into two, or worst, breaking it.

I layed it in the middle of the dining table when dinner time came.

Armand: “What is that Sweety?”
Me: “My favorite Sweet and Sour Fish!” (Saying it with all enthusiam).
Armand: “Oh, fish. And what is that? Is that the eye?” (Pointing at the eye that was visible).
Me: “Yep!”
Armand: “Eeewwweee!!! The fish is looking at me!”

And thus, the monster fish.
I ended up having to cut still the fish, remove its entire head and tail as “they were giving him the creeps!”
I think this is something Dutch. They only know fish fillets. :p
Them with waters all around. Ironic, eh?


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