The Dutch Christmas Waffles


I had been eating waffles since Sunday, especially after arriving home from work or from school after 22:00.  We got the waffles from my Mother-in-law.  She gave us a hundred.  I was so amazed to see a big bag full of waffles handed over to me last Saturday afternoon.  She said it was tradition in the Netherlands to bake/have 100 pieces of waffles on Christmas Eve.  That I have to learn how to bake it.  That it takes time to bake it.  That we have to have a special pan to prepare it.

I was relieved to see him gaping at his mother like me.  Surprised and happy that he himself ‘still’ does not ‘know’ how to do it.  He just said to his mother “en waar is de recept?”

I had been eating the waffles, 1 by 1 at least since Sunday, and now our set lacks 4 pieces already.  Once I saw Armand sneak one out of the dish as well. So 5.  I asked my Mother-in-law why it is a tradition, and what is the meaning of it.  She just repeated again, “Het is traditie.”  I asked Armand, and he just shrugged.  Haha! 

Why is it a tradition?  What does it mean? Armand being smart and all just shook his head again tonight when I asked him.

Maybe I will ask some Dutch colleagues at work what the waffles mean.  Maybe I can also ask the Dutch-Belgian people.

I also do not know the significance of all Filipino Christmas Traditions but I am sure I know most of it.

For the meantime, I’ll just continue eating them waffles: really tasty and milky and sweet! And come to think of it – they can be crunchy too!



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