My Dutch-Filipino Family’s First Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

December 25. Christmas Day.

Today we celebrated Christmas with Zoë for the first time. The second time for me and Armand.
It was really nice.
Zoë woke me up at 07:15 with her mumbling. Simba also by my face pawing his way for breakfast.
Armand fast asleep.
I stood up at 07:30 and proceeeded to Zoë’s bed to greet my little princess a very Merry Christmas!
As always, she was laughing and giggling when she saw her Mama enter her room.

Changed her diapers, cleaned her nose and placed her on her mat. I prepared her breakfast.
My baby finished them all. With her 10 drops of Vitamin D.
And oh, Simba got his breakfast too.
Then the 3 of us went back to bed.
Zoë woke us up again at 10:15.
We stood up, proceeded to the living room. Papa to the kitchen to prepare the family Cristmas breakfast,
while Mama cleaned, and put the laundry in the washing machine.
Then we all ate together at 11:00. Mama and Papa with the adult breakfast:
baked bread, liver pate, chicken/egg/salmon salade, bacon and ham, butter, cheese and the Christmas bread.
And not to forget: our cups of coffee and glasses of chocomel.
Zoë had her 11am fruit mix. She enjoyed it. Papa helped her with her food and Mama talked to her.
It was our first family meal in the dining table. Was nice.
And it all happened on Christmas Day.

Papa and baby enjoying breakfast together!

Papa and baby enjoying breakfast together!

Yep, Simba had his share too: his roastbeef! He ate on a plate beside Zoë’s highchair, by the floor.
After breakfast Mama continued cleaning, washed the dishes, prepared Zoë’s clothes for the Christmas Dinner.
While Papa took his shower.
At 12:30, Zoë got her turn: to be washed up and changed! She didn’t enjoy it as she was tired.
Stuck her finger in her mouth – and threw over!
After she got completely washed up and dressed??
Our pwetty wittle pwincess! (She was real tired though!)
Our Pwetty Wittle Pwincess!

Our Pwetty Wittle Pwincess!

At 13:00, Zoë got her milk given by Papa and Mama went to hit the showers.
And the whole family was ready to go by 14:00.
By 14:15, we were at Zoë’s Grandma and Grandpa’s house.
Zoë met Opa en Oma

Zoë met Opa en Oma

And we all went together, with Marjo and Tom, to Graasj – a restaurant in Beek.
Some 20 to 30 minutes away.
Was nice!
Zoë had her first taste of fries! She was very happy!
Zoë's first fries!

Zoë’s first fries!

Mama even dipped her fries to Mama’s mushroom sauce! She loved it more.
She drank from her beaker. Her favorite fruit juice.
She was seated in a highchair. And enjoyed the attention she got from family and friends.
She even made friends with a man who was seated in the other table.
We had spareribs, fish ‘panga’ fillet, all kinds of salads, all sort of sauces, schnitzels, steaks, gambas and more.
Plate 1 - Christmas Meal!

Plate 1 – Christmas Meal!

It was an Eat-All-You-Can Buffet Restaurant.
We were all full!
At 17:00 we left full. Zoë was asleep immediately even before the car left the little town of Beek completely.
We went to Grandpa and Grandma’s house for more cups of coffee. Zoë had her mashed meat and vegetable dinner there.
At 18:00 we were home. The wind was starting to blow really hard. The rain starting to fall.
Zoë in her pajama’s. Simba his dinner. Mama and Papa changed into comfortable clothes.
And we all sat in the living room, and enjoyed the Christmas movies.
Zoë slept till 20:30 or so. Had her last bottle at 21:00, but refused to sleep until 22:30.
Active baby.

We did not have a White Christmas. No snow on Christmas Day in The Netherlands this year.
But all is well. We enjoyed the little warmth, and the sun, even the cold wind.
We are glad that Jesus was born, and he saved us from our sins.
And did not allow the Mayans to win. Why would they have wanted the world to end 4 days before Jesus’s Birthday? :p

I thank God for the gift of life. For my family. For my Armand. And for my Zoë.
Yes, I miss my family in the Philippines. I miss them so much that I cry for even the littlest of family things on tv, or in the radio.
(I tried to call them, but I think they were all too busy as well. Will call another time).
Am glad though that Armand and Zoë are with me. My own direct Dutch-Filipino, or Filipino-Dutch Family.

My Filipino-Dutch Family

My Filipino-Dutch Family

I promise to love them till I breathe no more. And even after I do.
I love them to pieces. I love them to the stars – and beyond
The Power of 3!

The Power of 3!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


5 thoughts on “My Dutch-Filipino Family’s First Christmas

  1. it was wonderful i enjoyed reading and seing your post thanks GOD for granting you such a lovely family and a very cute little angel …..merry christmas everyone

    • Thank you po Ninay! 🙂 Now I understand. We cannot just have a “loving family” just like that. It has to start from your heart – from my heart. And Zoë, oohh, my pwetty wittle pwincess! Love her so!
      Love you ‘nay! Miss you!

  2. Amazing issues here. I’m very happy to peer your post. Thank you so much and I am having a look forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

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