The Great Talker

Yes, I admit. I am a great talker. I talk a lot.

One bright, sunny day when we were in College, we were on our way to Cabatangan in Zamboanga City (Philippines). We were all on board my classmate’s pick-up jeep. It was a bumpy ride as it was a dirt road – not even cemented. We were all chatting away so loudly and laughing and everything when suddenly I was the only one talking.

They were all covering their mouths and noses with their handkerchief.

I continued to talk and asked them what’s wrong. They just nodded and continued covering their mouths.

I asked: “Do I smell bad? Do I have bad breath? What is wrong? Why are you not talking?”

That is when I realized that we were all covered in a cloud of DUST!!

I didn’t even noticed that I was swallowing all the dust because of too much talking.

When we reached our destination, I coughed and I coughed. My throat was so itchy.

My classmates? On their belly rolled over laughing really hard.

Me and my big mouth.


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