It’s Friday I’m Inlove

Write the Future Nike Shirt I gave him on his 31st Birthday - without realizing it will mark our writing the future together.

Write the Future Nike Shirt I gave him on his 31st Birthday – without realizing it will mark our writing the future together.

It has been exactly 1 year and 11 months ago when I fell inlove with a good man.

It was the 4th of that month, and a Friday, when I realized that it is him I am supposed to be with. But that time, I purposedly told myself again and again that it was not possible – he is European and I am Asian. I am brown and he is white. He lives in the Netherlands, I am a Filipino. A Filipino based in Malaysia.

I was part of a team from work sent to Maastricht to “workshadow” a whole department’s task. We will be learning their jobs and bring the tasks with us back to Asia Pacific.

Of course, like my colleagues, I was so elated to be sent to Europe. I mean, back then, I thought that it will be already impossible for me to earn and to save and travel – outside the Philippines, and much more, out of Asia. I was growing old fast, working more for my family than myself, without any sure savings aside from the millions of receipts of money I have collected all the years.

I will not say that I did not live the life I was supposed to have lived. Maybe yes, maybe no. Somewhere in between, I know I was living a good life.

But then, here I am now. The world is flat, small. I am responsible for my own self, and I provide for others.

On that Friday, I found myself in the living room of our apartment having a very abnormal and chatty conversation with the man who served as the group’s trainer and my workshadowing buddy.

The Thursday night before that Friday, I found myself chatting online with him after dining out with the Malaysian Team. We slept at 02:30 dawn as requested by me. I was at the office at 07:30 in the morning with my team. He was late at 09:00. I was so mad. It was so unfair! He got to sleep late and I was so groggy due to sleeplessness.

The Wednesday night before that Thursday before that Friday night, we invited them for an Asian Dinner at our apartment. He was one of those who stayed until after midnight to greet our Chinese colleagues a Happy Chinese New Year.

On Monday that same week, he asked me who the lucky person was in my facebook status: the person who had been running on my mind all day. He thought I did not hear it but he secretly said “Lucky guy.”

That same morning on that cold Monday, I gave him a shirt with a “Write the Future” written all over the front. He didn’t want to receive it at first. I guess he was too shy to take it. I told him that if he will not take it that I will still be leaving it at his desk, or I will just throw it away. He agreed with him taking it.

The Saturday before that Monday was his birthday. On Friday before that Saturday, he brought pies for everyone. That was my first taste of really tasty Dutch Pies. (Most of those I had and tried in Asia only bore one flavor :p ). I ate slowly, as I was really not a pie person back then. I remember he went to me and asked me how the pie was. I said it was good. Then Connie, my Chinese friend and colleague whispered from across the desk after he left: “You should eat that. It’s not nice if we will not finish it. He is our teacher!!”

So there I was, scraping the pie off my plate.

And it all started from there.

A week after, on that Friday, 1 year and 11 months ago, I fell inlove with this better man. He appeared in my dreams and even in my semi-consciousness almost always. I saw myself having a family with him. I saw myself meeting his parents. I saw myself, and I saw him.

I did not know why, or how, as I know I did not have anything towards him. Or maybe I did, but I was ignoring it always. Again, we cannot be together. I am Filipino, and he is Dutch.

(And a lot of other girls, women, ladies were wooing him that time).

I was just another nice colleague who listens to him and feels what he feels. He was a nice person. I liked him.

Then that Friday came, our last day in the Netherlands. He told me at the office that he will be missing everyone. We were a joy to work with.

When I reached the apartment, I checked my mail. He emailed me that he will miss me the more as he is already starting to really like me.

And it all started from there.

A kiss sealed that love story the next Saturday.

A year after on May, we have Zoë.

Happy 23 months with you Sweety.
Ik hou van jou.

It has been exactly 1 year and 11 months ago when I fell inlove with a great man.
I love him more and more each day.


2 thoughts on “It’s Friday I’m Inlove

  1. Thank you for sharing. Your story has given me hope in my own relationship. He too is Dutch. I’m still in the PHL preparing papers. LDR sucks but for the both of us who weren’t interested in this sort of relationship to begin with and we congratulate ourselves for a job well done.

  2. Congratulations! 🙂 Hang in there, it will be worth the ride. Dutch man are really warm people, and they know how to make you feel like you are the only woman in the world for them. I have other Filipina friends here as well with Dutch/Belgian husbands. They are all happy. Nothing beats a family with a Filipina wife/mother. Hope to meet you here one day!

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