Porque Estas Siempre Feliz?


“Porque estas siempre feliz?”

Or let us try that in English: “Why are you always happy?”

I think I know why:

Because I am a naturally born Filipino and living a Filipinized Dutch life with my family in the Netherlands.

And because I was born in the Philippines, in a positive way, I have learned how to be content in life.  How to dream, how to work for your goals – but not expect too much.

My country of birth taught me how to be humble – because we are very rich with love and warmth, though we lack tangible richness or gold deposit at the country’s Central Bank.

I learned that if I reach a detour and have to make a choice, it is a risk I have to take – no matter the outcome.  I stand by my decision, because it was mine.

I am happy because I grew up loving the hard rain.  I read my books while listening to the pitpats of the rain outside.

I am happy not because I am laughing, or I make faces, or I do voices.

Come to think of it, maybe my being a Filipino is not the reason at all.

I am happy because I am happy.

And I choose to be.

You too?


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