What Are You Doing For Others?


So are the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I was feeling lazy and browsing through Facebook when I saw these words.

And it struck me.

What am I doing for others?

Funny as it is, or maybe naive or stupid to some people, I do my best to stay calm and treat others as good as I possibly can.  Even if some refuse to return the favor.  I am not sure why I am doing this.  Maybe I am just so desperate for acceptance.

But I think not.

Naive.  Sometimes, being too good is as bad as being bad.  Not bad for other people, but not good towards you – as what society is teaching us.

We have to open our eyes.  That nowadays, being too good would mean being used a lot by those who know the art of taking advantage.

But if this is the case, what is then “to be good?”  Are you still doing others good if at the back of your mind you are secretly building up a thin wall to allow you to identify that it is the wee time to back off a little?

We live in a complicated world because we think too much.  (I know because I complicate things myself).

What are you doing for others?


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