Ako ay Pilipino…

A lot of Filipinos, I think, found my blog through Google because of Dr. Harwell’s love letter to the Filipinos. For that, I thank you kababayans.

I, myself, was blown away after reading that article. I immediately read pieces of it aloud to my fiancé
and he was smiling as I was trying to keep my voice from cracking and my eyes from welling up.

Today I was approached by a beautiful English woman asking me if I can write something for her for her special day. I was blown away. A native English speaker asking a Filipina to do something as grand and as special like this for the most important day of her life.

Am still in a kind of trance…


If you are a Filipino, you must be good.

Ako ay Pilipino (Tagalog) – I am a Filipino


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