The No-Sports Me

FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid

FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid

I admit, I was never a Sports person. I remembered when my classmates in the University were all talking about their favorite Basketball Players and their favorite Basketball Teams, I was just sitting in one side shaking my head as I did not understand anything that I was hearing.

Nope, I never understood the concept of the game because I never had the chance to watch it on TV. You see, unlike my classmates and friends who lived with their Fathers and Brothers, I literally lived with my Grandmothers (my maternal grandmother, my maternal grandfather’s aunt, my maternal grandfather’s cousin). Yes, that will be three wisend old women in the house.

So there. I think I don’t have to elaborate more.

My maternal grandmother lived with them actually as their househelp. As my grandmother brought me up, I chose to always be with her. Because they were paying her as housekeeper, I was also one by default, although they never treated us as helpers. We were family.

So again, there. Instead of watching Basketball, we watched Telenovelas.

Before I came to live in the Netherlands, I never understood Football, or Soccer (the American Football). I tried to wack my brain back then in trying to understand the beauty of the game so I can “please” my Dutch boyfriend more. Football composes his life. He grew up playing the sport. His father works in the Football Sport Club in the neighborhood. Although they do not enjoy the same team, you can readily hear the excitement and passion in their voices if they watch the game. They just basically know the ins and outs of the game as he was once a player and his father a referee.

Ajax vs PSV

Ajax vs PSV

When I first arrived here, I slept my way through Sunday afternoon especially if his favorite team was playing as I am sure that the living room TV set will be glued on the Sports Channel. Most of the time, a day before the scheduled game, he will already inform me before hand that Ajax will be playing tomorrow at this time dah-dah or that tomorrow night Barcelona will be playing against Madrid, etc.

In the almost 2 years that I am living in the Netherlands, I learned to grasp the concepts of the game and why the players acquired yellow and/or red cards and the consequences behind. I came to know the players, their names, and which team they are playing for. What I still don’t get is when the players were kicked over, or slumped over by another player and they still manage to stand up and continue playing despite the pain that you see in their faces.

Now, I use my little knowledge of Football to sell Warranty Extension to our customers.

Nope, I am not Sports minded at all.


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