How Can Crimes Against Kids Happen?

I was browsing through the news via when I came across an article over parents killing their children just because  they want them out of the way to remarry again or find another partner, or basically because they did not know what to do anymore with their lives.–1241150606.html
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Tuesdays with Oma and Opa

Every Tuesday now, I think until June this year (, I would be sleeping with my Oma and my Opa. My Mama has to attend school for her Dutch lessons every Tuesdays and Thursdays. I know, because Papa is always reminding Mama and I that she is doing this, regardless the already busy schedules of our family, for me. I will grow up speaking Dutch most of the time, we are surrounded by Dutch people. Almost everything will be in this language. My Mama doesn’t want to be left out.

I am happy that she is doing this for me, for Papa and for herself.)

Why My Mama Thought About Building Me My Own Blog..

I think this is a good idea to document my growth. Or let us put it in my Mamas words – a terrific idea.
My mama thinks that there are just too many and too much happenings in my life that needed to be written down. To be logged. To be remembered.

When I am all grown-up, and can finally read and understand, I will go all the way back to this day that my mama is typing this very first post in my blog. It is now 02:28 PM on 25/03/2013. I think I am at the creche in Klein Duimpje sleeping again. :p
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