Dear Zoë II

Hi Baby!

I don’t know what happened to time but it just went by faster than fast and you are now 10 months old. Very beautiful day by day.

Today I know that I will not be seeing you and your shining bright smile until tomorrow. Today is Tuesday and Mama has to go to school for her Dutch lessons in Lanaken in Belgium. I will go home at 21:30 and Papa has to pick me up as Mama stll has no Driver’s License and does not know how to drive at all! (Don’t laugh :p ). You will have to sleep with Oma and Opa tonight again. Am sorry Baby. I really feel bad that unlike other normal babies, you should be in bed already at 19:00 or 20:00 every night. But because Mama and Papa both have other things to attend to, you usually go to bed one or two hours later.

Last night as I tucked you in in bed, I kissed you softly in the forehead and the cheeks and said “I love you” more than 3 times. This is what you are to me Zoë. You are my love. My life.

My heart dances everytime I see your face light up with the most wonderful smile I have ever seen in my entire life each time you see Mama and Papa enter the door and approach you after a hard day’s work. You just start swaying your arms and legs up and down as if wanting to jump and waiting for us to get you from Oma’s warm embrace.

You are a love child.

I always tell Papa that I cannot love anyone the same way I love him – and add: Except for one exception – Zoë. And he too will smile and say the same thing. Of course! Again, you are so lovable.

You have this way of turning your head to face me each time you are seated on my lap. You just turn to face me and look at Mama straight in the eyes. Oh, if I only can freeze that moment every time it happens and take a picture of it. But then again, everything is in Mama’s mind and in Mama’s heart that this will never be forgotten.

Happy 10 months my beautiful princess. Mama and Papa loves you so much!


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