Our story began with a 17 year old boy lashing bad, heavy words to a younger boy. Words that will make Orthodox Christian grandmothers flinched and send their grandchildren to church to pray to save them from their sins. Words that if my own grandmother ever hears me speaking will send a resounding palm to my face synonymous to that of a slap. Something that will really hurt.

The 17 year old, whose name is Alkaeus, is the 3rd degree cousin of the younger child, Stelios. He was being punished because he refused do the errand that was asked of him. To deliver cocaine to the local police station. The chief of police would be needing the drugs tonight. His adrenaline. He would be needing the dose to lead the drug raid that they will be doing in the local sea port. They received reports that the Colombians will be smuggling a cargo load of merchandise tonight. He has to be prepared.

The boy is now being lowered down a deep well which once supplied this normal Greek family with water. Now, after the great drought that hit the promised land of the gods in the 80s, the well was nothing but a 12-feet deep hole in this dry land – full of rocks and stones. As the boy was about to reach the bottom of the hole, he felt himself being grabbed by the legs by small hands. His younger brother Argyros. His tiny hands were covered with white powdery substance and he was sporting a cut in his lower lip. His face was covered with mud and tears but as he saw his eldest brother, he immediately smiled.

Argyros was 3. His eldest brother, Stelios was 10. The latter being a drug pusher.

The Mask. (Photo credit from

The Mask.
(Photo credit from


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