“Don’t Touch The Turtle!”

Black Cat and Luck

Black Cat and Luck

When we were children, my cousins, sister and I were “educated” by some of my grandmother’s beliefs and superstitions. Here are some of those I remember best:

Do not point at the rainbow with your point-finger, you will lose it (it will be cut!!) afterwards. Until today, at my age, baby, and all, I am still a little scared to point at the rainbow if I see one with my point finger. I do not want to lose it just because I marvel at the rainbow’s beauty. I point at the rainbow – arms stretch and positioned well to pointing – with my fist close.

Do not walk over or step over a grave, or a family member, friend or relative will die. If ever you accidentally step over a grave by accident (or even if not), you have to go go back and step over it again to undo the curse.

Do not touch or play with the turtle or you will become stupid. I think the old people associated the slowness of the turtle to walk with slow brains. I was wondering ever since that maybe most of those who my grandmother met before with turtles as pets are, well, pretty slow. (No offense intended! ;D )

Close the windows and the doors by 18:00 or the kikik might come and get you. I always thought that perhaps she meant bad people.

Do not play or talk loudly or laugh or make too much noises during Holy Friday (the Friday during the Holy Week).Jesus is dead.

Do not eat chicken wings especially if you are a girl. You will just end up eloping with a man (at an early age). I remembered, when I was already somewhere on my late 20s and I was home enjoying Chicken Adobo with my Lola, she slapped my hand to stop me from taking the chicken wing. I quickly snatched it back and told her that at that age I thought it was obvious already that no man will be crazy enough to ask me to elope with him. :p

Do not sing while you are cooking if you are a girl. You will end up with a married man.

Do not sweep at night. You are inviting bad luck. Irony is, I saw my Lola cleaning our house after the clock struck 12 on New Year.

If a child is too shy, feed the child with a pig’s feminine organ. (You wouldn’t want to hear the reason why!). I clearly remembered us roasting a pig’s female part and feeding it to my first cousin for being too shy. My cousin, who was 8 years old that time, munched on the meat and said that it was really nice. Halfway, I was not able to control myself and broke the ice. I saw the barbequed porky part flew out of the open window. I think we have overdone that part, my cousin, who is now 27 years old, is ooooozing with confidence.

If you are a girl, do not take a bath or shower if you have your monthly period. You will become crazy.

If you meet a snake or a black cat along the way, go back, or you will meet more bad luck. I once met a snake when I was going to my Godmother’s house. I ran all the way back, never to have used the same road for more than a month! I was too scared.

If a baby is playing with her drool and is blowing it, and making rasping noises, the baby is wishing for rain.

I am sure there a lot more, maybe I will just list them all up in “Don’t Touch The Turtle!” Part 2.

kikik (Chavacano) – aswang (Filipino); an enchanted being that flies with only the upper half of the body at night to devour on blood and human flesh, their favorite being a baby. They take flight after rubbing their body with oil.

Lola (Filipino) – Grandmother


2 thoughts on ““Don’t Touch The Turtle!”

  1. I am familiar with many of the superstitious beliefs that you mentioned here. Except for the touching the turtle thing. My lola had a pet turtle who lives in their bathroom in our province, and I did play with it. I know there are more of these superstitions, and every province or locale have unique ones that I have not heard before.

    • Hi Doc! I am not really sure where this belief on turtles came from. I still touch turtles before if my lola was not around. In the barangay where I grew up in Zamboanga, we were really near the shore and there were lakes (and I say lakes) nearby the house. There were just turtles and tortoises of every kind! We even know if a pawikan was laying eggs somewhere near the shoreline as we will smell the “lansa!” 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by po!

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