The Misforgivings of a Mama of a Teething Toddler

Playing Ball

Playing Ball

Hi Baby,

I know people who do not have children just cannot fathom, much less, understand – why a responsible mother would choose to be at home to be with you.

You were in so much pain. But still, mama is very proud of you as you seem to breeze through this phase most easily. Except if it is time for your bottlefeed that you wince and cry – I think not with pain, but with frustration – as you cannot drink your milk with the same gusto as a week ago.

Your teeth are coming out!! We were looking at your cute little face today, papa and I, and I heard him say that sooner or later you will start to look different. You will have those little cutters that will allow you to chew and gobble on your favorite food better than how you are eating them now.

When that 39,1 temperature rozened your cheeky cheeks, mama felt so helpless as all I can do is to give you good helpings of soft kisses in each one. You were so warm that I just wanted to embrace you and keep you safe in my arms.

I know that you will be taken cared of at the creche but mama wanted to be with you so badly. You refuse to drink your milk, and eat your fruit, and I am sure that the patience of taking care of you and of feeding you and of making sure that you are hydrated enough can only be provided by me.

Your papa agreed too.

I love you Zoë, and as you journey into yet another milestone on your first months before your first birthday, mama and papa are very very sure that you are the one thing we most wanted.

You are the meaning of love.


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