The Touch of the Polish Woman

Recently, I wrote a blog about beliefs and superstitions I grew up with in the Philippines. Last night, during our Dutch class in Belgium, 2 beliefs just popped up in mind as soon as the thought were provoked last night.

It started when one woman classmate from Poland gave me a piece of mint. I was caught by surprise when she just went to my desk and left the candy there. Then she just motioned to her mouth and said “mint.” I then realized that she cannot speak English after I said “thank you.”

A couple of minutes later when our teacher was back after the break, I just saw her stand up and went straight to me and took my left ear in her hand, touching my earring. She then started saying, “Frank, die is oorbellen.” And our teacher was, I think, in shock as well to see her just go to me and take my ear in her hand. One of her friends, also Polish, told me: “She does that all the time. She is not aware.” She just then looked at me as if nothing happened, gave me a toothy smile and sat down. Then her group started laughing and speaking in their own language that the rest of us do not understand what.

We then proceeded with our lessons. Somewhere in the middle, our Dutch- Belgian teacher suddenly called out that we have to do some roleplaying. He immediately pointed out to her – my favorite Polish woman (she is somewhere on her early 40s, I think) – and informed her that she is to pair up with me. To supercede our awe, she said almost shout-like: “Nee!!” At that moment in time, our teacher looked very surprised. I, in turn, tried really hard to decipher what was going on. I came up with the following:

1. She was insecure because I have a feeling I am one of the best students in the class. (tadah!!)
2. She doesn’t like brown skinned people (though for my Spanish Colleagues I am yellow!!).
3. She just doesn’t find me adorable. (Overrated)
4. She was insecure… (My blog, my story :p)
5. Am sure she was just shy. :p She seemed friendly before the “Neeeeeee!!”

Anyway, there I was, ending up pairing with Frank – our teacher.

Dag dag!

oorbellen (Dutch) – earrings
nee (Dutch) – no
dag (Dutch) – bye!
The superstitions, I almost forgot.
Somewhere in the area of Zamboanga del Sur, people believed that:

If a stranger touches you or taps you (in any part of the body), make sure to touch or tap the stranger back. If a stranger does that to you, the person is actually sending a curse your way. You might fall ill, develop rashes, or just simply die a couple of hours later. Be sure to tap the stranger back so you will be routing back the curse to them.

If a person gives you something, candy or food, do not eat it. It might be cursed. There might be some kind of hocus pocus in there. Works well for food given by a boy to a girl, or a girl to a boy – spell LovePotion.


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