The Longest Wait

I have always thought that getting the approval for my Dutch Visa Application a couple of years ago was the longest I had to bitterly endure my entire life. Now, that my baby is teething, I proved myself wrong yet again.

Zoë is sprouting canines! She is experiencing pain, is refusing to eat and drink as everything touches her swollen gums, and it is snowing almost every other day!

So what if it is snowing? Zoë is not getting enough nutrients this past one week. And the change in temperature (cold, colder, coldest) is not helping her at all. My happy baby is slowly losing weight and is one of the many babies in the Netherlands who are sick.

Her teeth are now almost 1/4 in lenght out! We are all so excited to see them finally fully grown.

The simple joys of new parents and grandparents.

As for me, I am more concerned with my baby’s appetite. She was brought to the doctor today because of cough and colds (Mama and baby were awake almost the whole time last night), and we were informed that she has nose infection again. She was given antibiotics (nose drops) for 3 days again. At least, she will be ok soon.

Now tell me. Who else is not tired of this changing weather – cold, colder, coldest?

Spring come fast!


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