One Sunday Morning in March

One Sunday Morning in March

One Sunday morning in March when Mama and Zoë went back to bed to catch up to more hours of sleep, Simba the Cat was nowhere to be found. Papa looked under the dining table, the openings under the leather couch, the windows, inside Zoë’s room where the cotton buds are kept, and the empty space beside Mama in bed. Nope, he was not anywhere of these places.
Then Papa decided that maybe Simba was in the basement playing with his stuffed black toy cat. He went to the kitchen and opened the door to let some fresh air in. It was a sunny Sunday morning. One of the first this wintry month of March.
Then he heard something. A soft rustle coming from somewhere high.
And lo! There was Simba! How he reached that spot, we don’t know.
He must have flown. I have always known that our pet cat is no ordinary cat at all!
Enjoy Sunday with your families!!


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