Why My Mama Thought About Building Me My Own Blog..

I think this is a good idea to document my growth. Or let us put it in my Mamas words – a terrific idea.
My mama thinks that there are just too many and too much happenings in my life that needed to be written down. To be logged. To be remembered.

When I am all grown-up, and can finally read and understand, I will go all the way back to this day that my mama is typing this very first post in my blog. It is now 02:28 PM on 25/03/2013. I think I am at the creche in Klein Duimpje sleeping again. :p

Yesterday it snowed really a lot. I even did not recognize my papa when he went out to shovel the snow and ice from our front porch. He was wearing this thing in his head to keep his shaved and bald head from freezing! I almost cried when he came to me and gave me a kiss! His head was covered with a black colored muts! I think he really looked cute though.

Last night they gave me paracetamol again as my temperature rose to 39.1. This is the number 1 reason why my mama hates the snow and the cold.

I wonder how it is to live in the Philippines. I would want to try one day.


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