The TBC Vaccinatie

We drove the 30 minutes or so ride to Heerlen today. I was vaccinated with anti-bodies to combat Tubercolosis. It is necessary as my Mama is from the Philippines and accordingly, the disease is present there. My Mama and Papa were a bit hesitant as I will be vaccinated (injected again!!) but we found out that if I do not get it now before I am a year old, I will still get it – and will get it twice!! – when we go to the Philippines next year.

So there, I have a fresh injection in my left shoulder.
I cried, sure, but only for a minute (or even less), I think.
I am a strong baby. Just like my parents.


And oh! I was also able to say “Dai dai” and waved my hand today!! Mama was so happy! Papa was so proud of me!


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