Day 3 of 5

Princess Zoë in her pyjamas!

Princess Zoë in her pyjamas!

Hi Baby!

One year ago today, Mama spent her birthday at the AZM Hospital. I was referred to the hospital to have my blood pressure monitored. The day before, Mama and Papa went to see the midwife excited only to receive the news. When we were with the Gynecologist, she confirmed that indeed it was like that. That I need to stay at the hospital already as they will have to jump-start your coming out. We have to do it or it will as well endanger your life. I tried it so much to convince myself that you are really ready and very anxious to come out. We were as excied as you are.

Before going to see the gynecologist on the morning of Mama’s birthday, Mama called her family in the Philippines. I spoke with your Tante Angeline, your Oma Cecile, and your Mama’s Oma – Lola Cion.

Mama, Papa and Oma went to the hospital canteen to have some lunch. Mama was expecting to have some KFC fried chicken (as that was what we were craving for since May 2) for her birthday but ended up eating the cold sandwich and a piece of pie from the hospital. The night before, I already received Papa’s gift for my birthday.

When we went to the Maternity Ward, the doctor and the nurses inserted a rubber balloon inside Mama and filled it with water. It was around 16:00. They informed us that if it will come out by itself the next day, then you are ready. So there I was, walking with a piece of rubber sticking out between my legs. I even joked that Mama now knows how men feels like (no more further elaboration… :p )

When we went to the hospital, we already brought our things with us as was instructed by the midwives. Papa, however, still had to leave Mama around 17:00 to take Oma home and also so he can take some of his clothes with him. He slept with us at the hospital that night.

Our first dinner at the hospital were also not very pleasant – but still good. I think we had steamed potatoes and broccolis and a small bowl of mushroom soup. They also gave us dessert.

Anyway, Mama was not able to sleep well that night even if we took sleeping pills. I was just so excited and at the same time so scared. I do not want anything to happen to you.

Now, here you are – with Mama on her 33rd birthday!

Thank you for kissing Mama Happy Birthday today Zoë. This year is Mama’s first birrthday with you. It was really nice.

Today we started the day by waking up late! You were awake early at dawn around 4am and went back to bed after 5 when you had a bottle of milk. Mama had a hard time going back to sleep and slept really shallow maybe because I was so excited to spend the day with you and Papa.

We went to the Supermarket to get the things and ingredients that we need for your birthday – 2 days after Mama’s! We left the house at 10:30 and went back home at 14:30! You were super tired but super contented! I think more so because you spent the whole day with Mama and Papa.

You woke up after 17:00. You caught us with Oma and Opa enjoying a Greek Dinner. You sat down by the dinner table with us and had your spinach with potatoes! I told Papa that he should have not given you that since today is Mama’s birthday. Anyway, you like them because it makes you stronger and more active than Popeye!

I love you so much Baby!

Mama Mae


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