Day 4 of 5

Zoë, Simba and Ajax

Zoë, Simba and Ajax

Dear Zoë,

This was taken from the Notes app of Mama’s phone which served as my Diary on the same day last year in the hospital.

08:53 04/05/2012
I was not able to sleep well last night, even after the medication for my blood pressure and the sleeping pill. I feel so dazed right now but very excited for today. The doctor said I will be a Mom! My Armand is very excited too! You can just see the twinkle in his eyes.

I am having a heavy contraction now and can feel my water flowing. I woke up at 06:15 today and was not able to go back to sleep. At 06:45, a nurse came to connect me to the CTG again. At 07:20, the Gynecologist came with 2 nurses and tried to pull out the balloon. They successfully did and it was really painful as she had to insert her fingers. She said I am 3 centimeter dilated. They had the water broken at 07:30 and a big gush came out! Now I am under a contraction medication.

10:14 0/05/2012
At 10:10, Nurse Stephanie increased the dosage of medicine for medication.

21:46 04/05/2012
7-8 hours labor. At 15:00, I started with morphine whose effect was supposed to be for 4 hours but had no effect with me at all. I asked for ephidural at 16:30. It is 21:43 now and I am 9 centimeter. They had to put me in the contraction stimulant again. No contractions on the belly but Zoë’s pushing to the outside world is still as painful.
The Nelissen’s are all here except for Simba and Sheba!

No more entries after that as everything happened just really fast. One thing that Mama had in mind that time – I would have wanted for you to be born on the 4th of May and not the next day. But as I layed there and found out that Mama had got high fever around 23:30, I prayed for your safety more than anything else. They had to place the 2 of us in antibiotics to make sure that we will not get infected. That was the effect of ephidural. The Anesthesiologist educated Mama that it has to only stay in the body for 7 hours, for more than that we might get high fever (higher than 38 degrees C) and could be dangerous for you. The nurses also told Mama that the next day after you are born and they see that you were infected, they had to send you to the hospital in Heerlen – some 30 minutes drive away from Maastricht.

Now Mama is here. Smelling like food in the kitchen! Mama had been cooking and preparing everything since Friday. Actually, since the start of this week, Mama had been preparing everything in her mind already. Mama just wants your first birthday to be perfect, or if not, really good! It is good as your Papa is very supportive. He left everything for Mama to decide. Except the cake. He chose your cake!

Tomorrow Mama has to wake up early to continue with the cooking and the preparation.

Now, I can hear you crying in your room. You must be having that not so nice dream again. It’s okay baby. Mama and Papa is here.

Love you so much!


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