Day 5 of 5

Zoë's First Birthday

Zoë’s First Birthday

Happy Birthday Zoë!!

Hi Baby,

A year ago from today, I saw you for the first time after the doctor and the nurses placed you on top of my chest. You felt so warm laying there on top of Mama. I felt so alive though everything felt surreal. You were really there – out, and ready to start your life with us.

Since today is your special day, I will not be repeating what has already been mentioned in my letter for you when you were 16 weeks old. Today, we will celebrate your life, Mama’s life.. our lives.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Please always remember: you are loved. We will never, ever abandon you or leave you or hurt you.

You are Mama and Papa’s greatest gift. You complete this family Zoë. You are life in the absolute form.

As you are now in this stage: screaming, laughing, initiating the game of kiekeboo, waving, clapping your hands, standing up and trying to take that few steps, and just plainly making Mama and Papa tired and exhausted at the end of the day until the time that we put you to bed – we just have one wish for you – that you grow up to be God-fearing and will love all creatures.
We will be here to guide you.

Hiep hiep!! Hoera!!


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