On Having Another Child

Us 3

Us 3

We were trying to make Zoë take her afternoon nap when she just doesn’t stop screaming, tousling over and trying to stand up but bumping back down because she has her sleeping bag on. We are on 2 weeks holidays – at home, that is – as we are both so tired and stressed from trying to juggle our careers and family life.

My colleagues told me that to take 2 weeks off from work and just staying at home is a total nutcase. Well, they don’t have a child like we do. They are all living their “happy”, single life with their partners.

In the midst of Zoë’s screams that can be basically heard round the entire house, I popped the question: “One more?” And he immediately got the message and started shaking her head from left to right as if saying “No.”

Raising a child, especially if he or she is at his or her earlier years is no joke at all. Nope. No joke at all. My Zoë takes up all our hours when she is awake! Of course, you can leave her on the floor to crawl, and play, and look around, and try to stand up, and place every single thing in her mouth – and you have to be with her with your watchful eyes – while ironing!

When we were planning the future before, he told me that he wanted to have 2 or 3 kids – at least 1 boy and 1 girl. He was an only child. I eyed him suspiciously as I came from a big family. When I gave birth the not so normal way and almost risked the life of my baby and my own, he immediately said that 1 is enough. He said that it is better to have 1 child and be with me than to have 2 children without me.

Also, having to raise a child nowadays is ridiculously expensive! But again, money is not the issue here.

So, will we have another baby? Maybe no. Or maybe yes. But as for the moment, there is no plan.

I am looking at Zoë now and wondering – if I am to have another child, will I love the next one as much as I love her now? She is my everything! Our little princess.

Of course I will. More than my life.


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