“Do You Believe in God?”

Zoë said "Yes!" I believe in God!

Zoë said “Yes!”
I believe in God!

I was talking to a friend who I had not spoken with for a long time.
I realized, as my friend reminded me again, that each of us are travelling our own journeys.
My friend is undergoing something right now.
My friend has to take care of my friend’s mother and brother and a sister.
They have to sell everything that they have.
Everthing that they have acquired over the years.
I started to cry.
At least inside.
Life is tough.
My friend said that my friend wants to be selfish soon.
By maybe ending my friend’s life.
And just leave everything behind.
And be at peace?

And I wonder.
I think I did the same thing.
Come here, start living.
Had I been selfish?

I am happy. Never been happier.

What I know is,
We are all my friend.

And I asked my friend. “Do you believe in God?”
And my friend replied: “Yes. I have to believe in God.”
And as my friend’s friend. I smiled.
My friend heard my smile.
My friend said that maybe God is preparing to turn my friend into an angel.
My friend heard me smile the more.


2 thoughts on ““Do You Believe in God?”

  1. Cada uno le toca lo que le toca, lo triste es lo que lo tienen bien no sabe apreciar lo que tienen. Hay que adaptarse en cada situación.

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