The Day Spain Sold Us to the Americans

The Philippine Flag

The Philippine Flag

Land of the morning!

Tierra adorada!

Bayang Magiliw!

Today is the Philippine Independence Day, June 12. For a Filipino who lives in another country, this day is really special. When you are far from your country of origin, you would be feeling nothing but love alone for your native land.

My beloved Philippines is one of those countries whose people are really good English speakers. And no denying that. I am very thankful for having been raised in a country where respect for the mother tongue (Tagalog) and English is abounding. (Through I grew up in a city where we speak a Spanish creole). I grew up with the knowledge that books, movies, cartoons, radio and television stations are always set in English.

This morning, I took 2 language exams: English and Spanish. And today is my nation’s independence day. The day when Spain “somewhat” granted the Philippines its freedom by “selling” us to the United States of America.

Well done Spain.

And today, I was tested if I know the 2 languages. How convenient.

Maybe this is a good sign.

I passed the exams, brushing off one as “native.” The other as being in the “threshold.”

Let’s wait and see.



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