Rocky Is Home!

Rocky in a tupperware...

Rocky in a tupperware…

Rocky arrived home in a tupperware.

.. I even thought we get to eat him!.. haha

Rocky's castle...

Rocky’s castle…

And then the big aquarium came in next.

..Talk about being so surprised!..

wash.. wash.. Rocky's rocks!

wash.. wash.. Rocky’s rocks!

And the washing and cleaning began!

clean.. clean.. Rocky's home!

clean.. clean.. Rocky’s home!

Clean.. clean.. Rocky’s castle..

(while I shoot away with my camera.. )

Rocky the turtle..

Rocky the turtle..

And Rocky the Turtle is Home.

Welcome Home, Rocky!

Welcome to the Family!

I had always been thinking of getting an aquarium with fishes.

Then out of the blue – he arrived!

(..and oh! we are really not sure if Rocky is a he or a she! :p )

Thanks to Rens and Kelly!

We will forever be grateful!


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