The Beautiful Things That We Missed

They compose my family

They compose my family

I woke up this morning feeling all giddy and nervous. I have been waiting for a news from work if I get to stay or not. I have a feeling I would find out today since I only have 2 more weeks before my contract expires. In this recent economy where crisis is the major fad, and being an immigrant and all, one can only do his or her best and hope.

I had been stressing myself this past few weeks for this. My fiancé told me that I should be positive but if it will turn out otherwise, then life will not end here. Life goes on. And I have him and our daughter Zoë.

I know, but I had always been a worrier. I think too much. No, not think too much. I overthink that most of the time I end up with chest pain or difficulty breathing. I make my family worry about me. And it worries me that they worry about me. So there. And it goes round and round and round.

This morning, I am inspired to write. And with writing comes my thirst for reading. So I went around wordpress and found some really inspiring and beautiful blogs. Now I know what I had been missing when I am blacked out to the world of worry.

Life is beautiful.

Birds singing.
Butterflies in mixed colors fluttering around multicolored flowers.
Spring ending.
The beginning of summer.
People who are people.
Blogs. Inspiring blogs.
The blue sky. The gray sky.
Passing the basic Dutch level.
A piece of paper lost in the pavement.
I speak Spanish.
Green trees!
English language.
The bridge over the river.
Concerned colleagues.
A Bacherlor’s degree.
My parents-in-law.
Stolen radio. Broken window. But the car is there.
I am a Filipino.
Castles and old churches.
Sleeping at night.

Endless possibilities.


3 thoughts on “The Beautiful Things That We Missed

  1. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

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