If It Is Made In Asia, It Must Be Good

Asia = China; Asians = Chinese; Philippines = China; I am a Filipino.  I am Chinese.

Venezuelans, Cubans, Colombians, Brazilians …

We are all the same.

And so is the mindset of most of those who thrive outside the borders of Asia.
It is annoying sometimes, but if I am too onion-skin –

Then I think I should not be here.

You say something like:

Hey, this brand is famous in my country now.

I see people using this brand.

And you get the remark:

Oh,  then it must be fake.

It must be fake.  Ouch.

Maybe because we can’t afford to buy the original ones?

Or you see a piece of product:

Made in the Philippines.

Manufactured in Taiwan.

Fabricado en Tailandia.

And they think of small-eyed children being paid €0.05 per hour in a dark and sweltering hot factory.

Some can even laugh.

And they read:

Made in China.

Manufactured in China.

And say:  That is why the quality is so poor.

I know, sometimes I say the same things to myself as well.

Maybe that is why almost all manufacturing companies now are in Asia or in South America.

Because we produce good quality products.

Because we know what real customer service mean.

Because we produce quality Doctors, Nurses and Engineers.

But we are cheap.

And the world is round.


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