I speak default Chavacano

I posted this on facebook last night, but I feel that this has to be documented here as well.

The World Football is on the loose again! The games take place in Brazil where the World Match is to be held this year.

Last Sunday, the game between Uruguay and Spain was broadcasted on European TV at 12 midnight! And my sweety, being a football fan and all, said that he is going to stay up late to watch it. He asked me where I wanted him to watch it, and I told him to watch in the living room and not in our bedroom for fear that I might not be able to fall asleep. (I was really tired as I like ironed, did the laundry, cleaned the house, attended to the baby and cooked – from sunrise to 10:00 PM!)

He watched the match. At 2am, he climbed into bed beside me. I was really sleepy but woke up (a third awake) and asked him who won the match, but in Chavacano.

Me: “Quien ya gana?”
Him: “Huh?”
Me: “Quien ya gana?” (feeling irritated)
Him: “I don’t understand. What are you saying? What language is that?”
Me: (trying to shake some of my braincells awake and thinking what must have gone wrong).
“Oh… who won?”
Him: “Ah… Spain.”

And I fell back to sleep.

The next evening, I suddenly remembered that I had this “dream”. Then I said to myself that the conversation seemed really real. So I asked him if I spoke to him in another language/dialect. He said yes. After the match, in bed.

And I realized: “I am Chavacano, by default.” I might be speaking in English, Spanish and broken Dutch – and some Tagalog and Bisaya in between – for the past 2 or 3 years now, everyday-freakin’-day, but I will always speak Chavacano by heart.

Shall I then teach Zoë this dialect?

Chavacano is a creole Spanish spoken in Zamboanga City (a city in the southern part of the Philippines)
“Quien ya gana?” (Chavacano) – “Who won?”


One thought on “I speak default Chavacano

  1. El idioma con el que sueñas o piensas es tu idioma, para mi punto de vista sí deberías hacerlo, tu bebe tiene que saber de donde es mama. El resto ella lo aprenderá aquí.

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