On Being A Writer and On Blogging

I really want to be a writer, or at least, in my own imaginary world – I say I am.

Then came blogging.  And with blogging comes writing.  Of course, writing nowadays is synonymous to blogging especially if you are like me – or us – who works but cannot possibly fathom the idea of just putting this passion away just because you do not have time.

If you love to write, then it loves you back.  It will never go away.  That is what I have learned.

But why is it that after reading something, and you feel inspired to write, and you want to write your thoughts down, and you click on the “New Post” menu, and then just stare at the blank fields waiting for you to fill them up like it is somewhat a partner who is annoyingly waiting for you to give them attention?

Problem:  You do not know what to write anymore.  Or worst, you start asking: “Why am I in this page?”

Solution:  If you want to write, go ahead and start typing.  The thoughts will follow.

That was how I got this post finished!


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