Facebook Group: With my Schatje

With My Schatje

With My Schatje

Here is a bit of us when we were just starting.

I created our own Facebook Group to keep our “fire” from burning facebook.

I was in Malaysia/Philippines.  He was in The Netherlands.

I knew it was not really to his 100% approval, but he didn’t want to hurt me.

So he agreed.

We just thought as well that this will be a  nice souvenir for the future.

For Zoë.

With My Schatje

We filled it up with songs – dedicated to one another.

I think we collected over a couple of hundreds songs!

There were also poems, and love notes.

With My Schatje

A walk back down memory lane. 


Schatje (Dutch) – term of endearment: sweety, baby


One thought on “Facebook Group: With my Schatje

  1. Jajajajaja me encanta lo que veo, me recuerda al principio de mi relación. Mira hasta donde habéis llegado!!

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