Arianna and I @ HP

Arianna and I @ HP

I saw her standing beside the receptionist desk at the ground floor on the first day of training.
Some 2 years back!
She with her purple handbag and denim jacket
And that curly, wavy hair!
The next thing I know, she was in the same training room as I was.
And that we will be going to the same project.
She was also the person who told me that in 2 weeks time I will start smoking!
Oh yes, she can really smoke!
My ever so sweet and beautiful Italian friend.
She is my age. (so that means she is old!)
She was my very first friend in the Netherlands.
I met her approximately a month after I stepped foot in this cold country.
She was one of the first few I met by myself.

Zoë with Zia Ari

Zoë with Zia Ari @ 1 month

Now, I say this again.
“How can I miss you if I won’t go away?”

You will go away. Move forward. Find your path.
Follow your dreams!
Keep in touch bella! Will miss you and your fans around! xx


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