When Spain and Italy collide…

Spain vs Italy

España vs Italia

España vs Italia

Last night, the match between Spain and Italy was so tight that a billion or so viewers from across the world sat at the edge of their seats betting for their favorite country to win.

Then came that horrific missed from Italys Bonucci making him the villain!! Arrrrrrrrghhhhhh.. and the game stopped when Spain’s Navas took up the goal. (Yipeeee!!)

I was betting for Italy last night, you see. I think the team really played well. Spain, of course, is the best team in the world – but it looked like Italy gave them a really hard time. Only to have won the game during the Penalty (7-6).

And here I am, talking about Football. Wow! Whatever happened to me.

I am almost Spanish. I speak the language e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e d-a-y!! I have Spanish friends who are almost family! So why was I betting for Italy last night?

Nothing. Just for the fun of it, I guess. I feel for Italy, they played really good! And the same with Spanish people, I have been working with Italians for the past 2 years and they are really great colleagues! (I am not saying that my Spanish colleagues are not as good, but, I think, the similarities that they have with Filipinos are enough to make me feel so at home!). Armand was betting for Spain as he really wants to see Spain play against Brazil for the finals on Sunday (hmmmmm….). Since he wanted that, I said I would go for Italy then! (His evil witch!!) haha!

So there, I think he will really get what he really wanted after all. And he will be sleeping at 2:00 AM again to watch the game on June 30 until it finishes. He already asked me not to speak to him in Tagalog/Filipino/Chavacano on Sunday dawn – just like what happened some 2 weeks back.


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