“Are We Really Like That?”

Yesterday I met a man who looked at me like I was an alien from outer space. When we asked him why he was looking at me that way, he said he was trying to figure out if I am Indonesian, Thai, Malay or Mexican. I told him that my colleagues think I am Chinese. He said “You are brown. You cannot be Chinese.”


He then looked at my feet and said that they were almost black. I looked down at my own feet and said “Well, I sure am not white.”


Then he told Armand if I am like one of those women who marry Europeans and/or Americans who, like, acts like they are the “Queens of the World.” Really annoying women they become. Latinas, Asians. He said, “They come here from a third world country and taste freedom and comfort and start acting like brats and are never satisfied.”

“Hey man, I hear you!”, I called out loud from the living room where I was playing with Zoë.

Armand said: “No. She is spoiled by my parents and I, but she is never a brat. She will never be, I am sure.”

Maybe these women are now more aware of their rights?

Or maybe yeah, they are just arrogant.

We are all humans.  The world is flat.

I don’t know where this man is coming from, but I think he is not okay.  Him, with those geeky eyeglasses.

He was talking about his wife. “I love her always”, he said.  Then walked away.

My sweety then looked at me, sighed, then smiled.


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