Stelios II

When Stelios was 10, his mother went to work in one of the rich haciendas in Las Palmas, Canary Islands to support her children. His goodness-knows-what and good-for-nothing father finally decided to leave his family after getting tired of beating his wife in front of his sons everyday. He finally escaped when his eldest, Stelios, armed with love and pain for his father, forced a knife to his chest.

At least in the mind of the 10 year old.

He never did that. He was about to but his father got to him first. His mother, while trying to control her son’s bleeding and broken nose, remorsefully pleaded with her husband to move away. To go away. Stelios’ father, who knows no other job but to fish, left the house that he had been regretfully living for the past 10 years.

He left the door without looking back. A smile etched on his face.

That was when Stelios’ mother decided to sell the space that, all her life, tried to call “their home.” She left her two sons, Stelios, 10, and Agyros, 3, to live with her mother thinkingthat she would be taking good care of them.

That was what she thought.

While their mother was away – everyday scrubbing the dirt off the front veranda of her bosses’ beach bungalow at 10’o clock in the morning right after the night parties end – Stelios’ grandmother would beat him and his little brother everyday while they do all the household chores. His maternal grandmother tells them everyday that they were exactly the same as their stupid father.

Stelios accepted all the abuse that he got from his grandmother except this. He knew ever since that his father was not half the man he was. His father was a total douchebag!

One day after coming back from the supermarket, he caught his grandmother beating his baby brother with a piece of wood that obviously used to be one of the stand of the salon table. Agyros was already sporting a big black swollen eye and a deep cut on his left cheek. He was cowering under the same salon table with the lost stand. Stelios dropped the bag of bread and picked up one of the wooden chair in the kitchen. He started beating his grandmother until she cannot stand anymore.

That was the last time they saw her. He grabbed his bledding brother and ran away.

The Mask. (Photo credit from

The Mask.
(Photo credit from


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