I say “Muchas Gracias” 2013

The Year 2013 was more than a roller-coaster ride.
Like everything else in this world: 2013 is/was complicated.

I became the happiest this year.
I officially became Mrs. Nelissen.
I was given the ring and was promised a love everlasting.
Till death do us part.

Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part

2013: Zoë turned 1!

Zoë at 1

Zoë at 1

HP said goodbye. But I got my permanent contract.

When there was us! HP Platinum!

When there was us! HP Platinum!

I took the Nederlands als tweede taal, and well..

The war in Zamboanga that shook the Philippines and my family in the Netherlands. The war that left Zamboanga in a messed-up state until now. I pray that Zamboanga City heals soon.

Haiyan. Yolanda. The typhoon that was said to be the strongest in modern record time to hit earth. It killed almost 10,000 Filipinos. Left death, hunger, theft, people homeless – after it dropped its wrath in my country.

My grandmother hospitalized and fought for her life.

My sister who got sick.

The house that was never built in the Philippines. I am more than happy, though, that my mother, sisters and grandmother are together now and my mother’s house fixed.

My father-in-law operated but has recovered so fast.

My husband working double the effort for Zoë and I. Thank you God for him.

My daughter growing up so fast. Her being sick and being well, her teeth coming out and her being so active. We so love her much!

This year had been one heck of a ride. I will never forget this year.

Thank you 2013!

The Nelissen's on December 31, 2013

The Nelissen’s on December 31, 2013



See, we separated in a rather indifferent mood when I left Malaysia. All those misforgivings. Bad thoughts. Bad memories.
He visited Europe for Christmas, expecting to see snow only to be disappointed!!, and included us in his visit.

A time to heal. To forgive. To rekindle old friendship.

I am glad.

Zoë with Tito Maurice

Zoë with Tito Maurice

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Christmas 2013

I missed this post on the 25th of December, so before I will start the one for the old year meeting the new year, here goes:

We spent the eve of December 24 with my inlaws. Zoë was awake the whole time until 11:30PM when we went home. She woke up at 10:00AM on Christmas Day, almost the same time as her Papa. When they woke up, the table was already set for the Christmas breakfast. I had not been prepared in doing that, at least mentally, but did it in a sudden rush of euphoria: preparing breakfast for your family.

Christmas Breakfast Nelissen

Christmas Breakfast Nelissen

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A Wife’s Christmas Vow




To my husband.

Dear Sweety,

I know that you would have expected for me to have written my own vow on our wedding day. I will not ask for excuses that I was not in the mood to write anything (because that will totally be otherwise). Three months before our wedding day, I have always already envisioned myself singing my vows to you. The song that I almost sang said it all.

Anyway, here I am. I want you to know that there is no other better man than you. How I lucky I am to have met the best person in this world to share my life with.

Every morning at dawn I wake up and look at you. Just stare at you and silently thanking God for giving me that person who I will go to bed with every night and wake up with beside me with his arm hugging me on a tight embrace (plus the handsome face is a big bonus points!!)

Thank God!

Today is my 3rd Christmas with you. Our 2nd with our little princess. I have always dreamt of a White Christmas (why not? I am already here), but I think the heavens know more that I would still prefer the dry, though wintry, celebration of the season.

Thank you for being so beautiful sweety. Thank you for being so sweet always. For coping up with my being “kulit” even if you do not understand the word and translate it to “complaining.” Again, please know that it is my own way of asking for attention. My own way to call you and to make you focus only to me and no other. I am sorry for being so demanding at times. I know I am most of the time annoying and even if you do not say it out loud, I know you refer to me as the “witch.” Haha!!

You told me that one night when I did not understand myself that you did not know me anymore. That I was not the same sweet girl that you knew years before. It stung like hell! What happened? I do not want to be like one of those women who change after years of living in a first world country. But again, I think I can understand them as well. We cannot always stay sweet and calm when the world around us are full of mindful people – especially to foreigners.

But don’t worry, I will instead use my charm to conquer this world!

Thank you for working so hard to give me and Zoë the lives we deserve. Thank you for being a very good provider to our family, to your parents, and to my family in the Philippines.

You are my lover and my teacher.
More than my husband but also my bestfriend.
I cannot imagine somebody else to fill that place.
I promise to be loyal and to love you always.
All the days of my life.
I will be here for you no matter what.
For being away from you is not being with myself.
You are my soul mate, and I am yours.
We will be one,
In times of sorrows and of successes.
I will not leave you, nor be away from you.
I will stay. I will be with you.
All the days of our lives.

This Christmas and all the next Christmases together.

Merry Christmas Sweety!