Christmas 2013

I missed this post on the 25th of December, so before I will start the one for the old year meeting the new year, here goes:

We spent the eve of December 24 with my inlaws. Zoë was awake the whole time until 11:30PM when we went home. She woke up at 10:00AM on Christmas Day, almost the same time as her Papa. When they woke up, the table was already set for the Christmas breakfast. I had not been prepared in doing that, at least mentally, but did it in a sudden rush of euphoria: preparing breakfast for your family.

Christmas Breakfast Nelissen

Christmas Breakfast Nelissen

After breakfast, Zoë and Papa started opening Zoë’s gifts from Santa Claus!

Gifts from Santa Claus!

Gifts from Santa Claus!

At 11:30AM on Christmas Day, we went to celebrate the Holy Mass with Jesus for His birthday!! I felt really happy. I am happy still!

We came home at 12:30 noon, gave Zoë her lunch and arranged our home. We will be having Christmas Dinner at our house and not at the restaurant. Mam and Pap ordered a dish of Dutch food. We ordered Chinese!

Christmas Dinner, Nelissen 2013

Christmas Dinner, Nelissen 2013

After dinner, we spent time with the family at the living room.


After Dinner.

Mikey is 1 year old!

I thank God for a beautiful family.


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