I say “Muchas Gracias” 2013

The Year 2013 was more than a roller-coaster ride.
Like everything else in this world: 2013 is/was complicated.

I became the happiest this year.
I officially became Mrs. Nelissen.
I was given the ring and was promised a love everlasting.
Till death do us part.

Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part

2013: Zoë turned 1!

Zoë at 1

Zoë at 1

HP said goodbye. But I got my permanent contract.

When there was us! HP Platinum!

When there was us! HP Platinum!

I took the Nederlands als tweede taal, and well..

The war in Zamboanga that shook the Philippines and my family in the Netherlands. The war that left Zamboanga in a messed-up state until now. I pray that Zamboanga City heals soon.

Haiyan. Yolanda. The typhoon that was said to be the strongest in modern record time to hit earth. It killed almost 10,000 Filipinos. Left death, hunger, theft, people homeless – after it dropped its wrath in my country.

My grandmother hospitalized and fought for her life.

My sister who got sick.

The house that was never built in the Philippines. I am more than happy, though, that my mother, sisters and grandmother are together now and my mother’s house fixed.

My father-in-law operated but has recovered so fast.

My husband working double the effort for Zoë and I. Thank you God for him.

My daughter growing up so fast. Her being sick and being well, her teeth coming out and her being so active. We so love her much!

This year had been one heck of a ride. I will never forget this year.

Thank you 2013!

The Nelissen's on December 31, 2013

The Nelissen’s on December 31, 2013


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