This Is Not My Story To Tell

(This is part of the compilation of the blog Fandom For Philippines ( which was spearheaded by a lovely Dutch colleague for the Philippines after Haiyan. I wrote this piece on December 20, 2013).

This is not my story to tell.

But as a Filipino, I feel the pain that my “kababayans”(countrymen) are feeling right now.

Yolanda, or Haiyan – as she was known globally, came, conquered and left her wrath in that central part of the Philippines: approximately a month and a week before Christmas.

When the news of the devastation aired worldwide, my first thought was “Some of these houses might already have decors set up for Christmas.” A little so far away from the horrors that were about to unfold.

I was thinking about the children. I then found myself hugging my Zoë real tight.
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