Clearing The Clutter 101

Today I resolve to starting to clear some clutters. And I started with my wordpress blog. I had not been here for a long time now since 2014 started. I was too busy letting life run me instead of me running my life.

I was just that. Just that.

I know I am a mess. I had been for a while now. And instead of helping myself to some cleaning up, I start up to owning more clutters. Garbage.

Today I resolve to just staying with the title and URL of my blog. I would have wanted to set it back, maybe, to the original URL but my worst hit my best – I do not want to read the manual on how to set it back. So? Bite me.

Conquering Netherlands is pretty, pretty good to describe the me now anyway. And the blog header: the musings are all mine.

I cleared the clutter of my right sidebar. Take a look. I think it is better now.

And I should really start blogging again.


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