Two Unhealthy Months

Since February started, our home was just stricken with stress: our little one being sick. She acquired diarrhea at the end of January that was so bad she lost almost 3 kilos by the 3rd week of February. We brought her to the family doctor more than a few times, and each time, they will just instruct us to make sure that she drinks something at least.

They all denied that she was not dehydrated. Well she was not, as my baby kept on drinking – and even eating – as much as her sick tummy can take.

It was one dreadful February. That was one of the horrible, horrible that I felt. I have my child in my arm while she was throwing up everything that her sick tummy was able to take – and throw out.

That was also the month where we waking up 3 to 5 times every night was a nightly routine for me. If I still can make, and was able to take at least 2-3 hours of sleep, then you find me at work dodging over complaints and praises from our company’s clients. Asking me how I was doing back then will always be answered with: “Am good, and you?”

One very good friend would never, ever (at least) hide it that I looked dreadful and tired.

At the turn of the 4th week on February, we finally was able to take our little baba at the hospital. There, she was presented with a new diagnosis: She might be allergic to something. The pediatrician consulted her to a dietician. We started her with lactose-free diet. And, we had to switch back to all the branded diapers, toiletries, etc. that we had been providing to her since she was a little baby.

Our weekly budget for groceries doubled, not to mention, tripled. And yes, we had to read each and every components and ingredients that compose the loaf of bread, butter, candies, snacks, yoghurt, drinks – before buying them.

I did not believe it at first. I had a big fight about our daughter being “lactose intolerant” with my mother-in-law and husband. I just had fights with everyone. I was so stressed out. The doctors, pharmacists, even the neighbors.

I cannot believe that they try to reiterate time and time again that according to studies, most of the Asians are lactose intolerant.

I do not remember any from my side of the family to be afraid of milk. I most certainly do not. I love milk.

I am allergic, though, to crustaceans.

I was so stressed out and so upset that I have always been so cautious to feeding her seafood as I was/am so afraid to find out that she is also allergic to seafood.

And now we found out that her little tummy cannot take lactose. At least for the next 8-12 weeks. At least until her 2nd birthday.

Our little princess is okay now. By the end of February and the beginning of March, she was eating like a construction worker. She started to gain her weight back. I was so happy.

By the beginning of March, she was fully okay. We tried to play with lactose, and voila: She has got diarrhea again. Only thing was, around these times, her teeth did not forget that they had to go on growing.

Talk of yet more sleepless nights.

By the 2nd week of March, she went back to the nursery as we had to go back to work like normal working people. On her first day, she came back home with a flyer: What to do when your child has chickenpox!! One child has chickenpox at the nursery.

I almost fainted. She just got well.

My mother-in-law said that it is better for her as she is still young. It will be difficult if she is older.

Yes, I know. But she just got better. Her immune system is really low. And I had chickenpox when I was 28 years old!

Nope, not to panic, thank God that she did not have it. She, on the other hand, thanks to this weather, started coughing.

On the 3rd day since she had the cough, I started coughing as well. She is getting better, though still coughing.

Me? Tomorrow is my 5th day and I do not feel any better.

Time to see the doctor.

I almost forgot to mention: When our little baba had her bouts of diarrhea, I had them too. I also threw up. I got her cough, she did not get my fever. Am too attached to my baby, the family doctor said.

Said I could be psychosomatic.

A week after she started eating again

A week after she started eating again


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