On Competing with Football and XBOX

I have no none complaints over my husband. He is, just, him. He doesn’t go out. He doesn’t drink. He smokes, yes. But he is a homebody! Perfect.

He goes to work early every morning after dropping our little baby at the nursery, works like a handsome slave for “the power of yellow” company the whole day, picks me up from work at 5.30PM and off we go home to our little one.

We would be greeted by my inlaws in the afternoon once we arrive home, with our little girl running towards us with her arms wide open waiting to be lifted up by Mama and Papa (My inlaws pick up their granddaughter from the nursery every afternoon, takes her home, gives her dinner and change her into her jammies).

Yes. This is our normal, everyday scene – except of course if I have to work until 9PM or 10PM that day, or night.

My sweety would then proceed to preparing our dinner. We would eat our dinner together – in the dining table, or infront of the tv (which is, by the way, our favorite spot) while watching Masterchef USA. Our little baba would be with us as well, stealing scraps of meat and vegetables from our plates. I just love it when she does that. She is really gaining back her lost pounds.

After dinner, we’ll then proceed to place the little one in bed. Bed time is between 7.30PM to 8.00PM. I will proceed to checking facebook or just to lazily browse the internet. He would proceed to switching his XBOX controller on… and forget the rest of the world.

There goes my husband… beep, beep…

And setting the TV alarm for the game – football.

– end –

Really, I have no complaints. Nothing at all. I only have Football and the XBOX to compete with. Oh, yes. Our little baby! But other than that, nothing. I am his queen, and he loves me despite my insecurities.

Oh, I sometimes just pull off his earphone, give him a peck in the forehead and whisper “I am still here.”

Princess Papa

Princess Papa


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