A Letter to Baby Shark

Dear Ambie Gwace,

Baby Shark and Miming

Baby Shark and Miming


Your Ate in another family is so far away now but I want you to know that I am still always here for you.

I follow your every progress online. Thanks to Facebook for that. I am so happy that you finally were able to move on and really concentrate on looking ahead and forward. Maybe this is not the ultimate move that you so wanted, but at least, you’ve taken that big leapt.

I admire you.

You have always been strong. I can still clearly remember that one early evening at the Staff House in Davao (when you were all still on training). You were loudly, almost shouting, talking to your parents over the phone informing them of the possibility of moving to Clark, Pampanga, instead of just working in Davao City. You were jumping up and down, I was even afraid that you would fall down the cemented stairs. We were at the second floor of that hunted staff house. I was inside by the sink washing my hands.

And I said to myself that you were really young. And really cute. (I think I was just 26 years old back then. That made you 21, or 20).

You were really shy. Or I guess, just like what you have always said, you were afraid of me. And I really cannot fathom why. I had always been so friendly – almost angelic!! (haha!)

The next scene I remember on my pretty head was when your father died. You were already staying at Buyayang that time. Ate Aw-aw, I think, sent a message to me about the news. I hurriedly set off to see you. You were crying, again, talking to your mother over the phone, almost screaming, jumping on your feet, but with huge tears streaming down your face.

I was trying to hug you, to tell you that I was there. But again, because you were so afraid, and so ashamed of me (as I was your trainer), you pushed me away.

It was okay.

I do not know how, or when, but we eventually ended up as friends. Really good friends. More than my friend. You were more of a sister to me. A family member that I chose for my own.

And I never regretted it. You are very special! You will forever be special.

You saw me during my bestest. You witnessed how I battled with life and conquered everything. You were my number 1 fan. You never left my side. You did not agree to all my decisions, but you stayed.

You stayed.

You are a strong person, fragile-looking at the outside (as you are really cute), but real strong. I saw the kind of love you have for your family. I felt your pain during your struggling moments.

I am a witness of your being chaste.

I will be turning 34 years old this year. So that makes you.. hmmmm… 5 years younger than me. Do the math!!

Van harte gefeliciteerd lieve Baby Shark!!

I love you a lot. Please remember that you are loved, always.

I miss you. I am sorry that I had to leave you 4 years ago. Forgive me?

Baby Shark and Miming

Baby Shark and Miming


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