Today I Conquered Nederland

One of the main reasons why I have changed my personal blog’s name to “Conquering The Netherlands” is my will to get integrated before my deadline on August 2015.

Today I finally have it. I got certified for Nederlands als tweede taal (Dutch as Second Language) – Staatsexamen (State Exams) – Niveau B1 (Level B1).

This is also not really true as English is already my second language (though most of the time I believe English was my first.  I speak Tagalog (or Filipino) – our national language – but I think I have better fluency in English).

Before you cast the first stone for admitting that my Filipino is not so good, I grew up in a city where everybody speaks in a dialect, which is a Spanish creole, known as “Chavacano.” 

But of course, Tagalog (or Filipino) is my first.

That makes Spanish as my third language – with a little tweaking and with some conjugations, a respect for femininity and masculinity, and proper grammar.

Maybe a year from now, I would really (finally) give dignity to the passed level B1 in Dutch.  Dutch, then, would be my fourth language.

Question:  To which ranking do Chavacano, Visaya, (an understanding of) Ilonggo, Kapampangan, Tausug, and Yakan fall?

I just wanted to post this once in a lifetime moment.

I cannot write a long post about this success for now. (I celebrated this by smiling the whole time at work today. Also bought pies for my colleagues to share).

I will be elaborating more, and perhaps post ideas, links, suggestions, etc. on how others, who have to take the same exam, pass it.

Now, back to the real world….


Note:  Chavacano, Ilonggo, Kapampangan, Tausug, Visaya and Yakan are some of the dialects in the Philippines.


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