Disney Princesses and Mulan



When the mania for Frozen started airing world wide, I was one of those excited mama’s who tried to introduce the film to my own little princess.

She didn’t like it.

Or I thought she did not like it. She kept on shaking her cute little head from left to right while saying “Nee! Nee! Nee!”

She would keep quiet though on the parts where they sing.

One Thursday, I tried to play it the whole day, like 5 times – from 9:00 to 17:00 – only to find our little baba playing around and totally ignoring the movie – except on the parts where they sing, of course.

One day I decided to play Mulan again. And voila, just like the first time, my Z asked to be lifted and placed on the couch beside me, asked for her “knuffel” (or her little teddy) and her drink, and stared at the screen like she completely understands the story.

Papa stayed with her at home one Friday. He decided to work from home as somebody had got to stay with our little princess. He said that he played Mulan the whole day long, our little princess playing on the floor with all her toys splurged around the living room- while watching the movie. Of course she also asked for Papa’s undivided attention every now and then – but to some it all up, they both did a good job.

We also tried introducing other Disney Princesses movies. She ignored them.

During her 2nd trimester, she was really fond of The Lorax. She is until now. She will sing along and dance along and laugh and laugh and laugh.

She also enjoys Toy Story 3, Cloudy And A Chance of Meatballs and Brave. And she loves Garfield (in English) and Tom and Jerry a lot – a whole lot.

At a very young age, she is already letting us know that she is somebody who will really fight back. We will make sure that she learns to fight back – for the right reasons and the correct way.

But not Frozen.

Or maybe, is this just a phase?

(Once at the nursery, a classmate started pushing her by the shoulders. Instead of crying or throwing a scene, she caught the finger of the boy in her mouth and bit it. The teachers had to suppressed the boy from crying – instead of her).

I am not sure if I should worry, but as a parent I know I have to do something.  What I know is my 23-month old is taking responsibility on her own little hands and knows how to protect and defend herself.

Which is quite cool! (I was always bullied when I was younger myself..)


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